I spend a lot of time with my clients talking about their ideal client- the people who want or need what you have to offer and who will benefit  most from the way you deliver it.


Last week a fellow networker suggested that we consider who we DON’T want to work with.


For example, I don’t want to work with people who have a big mental block or emotional issue that needs addressing before they can move forward. I know I’m not the best coach for them – but I can suggest several who might be. There are plenty of coaches and therapists who do this kind of work way better than I could.

I also don’t want to work with people who moan, and blame everyone else for what has gone wrong. I’ve learned from experience that they rarely progress, and have a tendency to blame the coaching for their failure!


Knowing this helps me get much clearer on who I DO want to work with.


I love working with people who are competent, confident and committed.

Of course they may have the occasional wobble – days when they feel they’re no good – or can’t do anything right.

Who doesn’t have those? I certainly do. But for me, and my clients those days generally pass quickly, and then we can move on.

My best clients are good at what they do, keen to learn, and want to move forward.


Who don’t YOU want to work with?

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