Many of you are kind enough to tell me that you love my newsletters.

I love it when one of you takes the time to reply to a newsletter and tell me that a particular article has resonated – or helped you.

I love it when one of you comes up to me at a networking meeting and comments on an article I’ve written.

And I love it even more when someone tells me (as they did last week), that they’ve signed up to my newsletter because it was recommended by a friend (thank you Sarah and Rina!)

But if you rarely read my newsletters, and you usually delete without opening, then please don’t feel obliged to stay on my mailing list.

You can unsubscribe!

I’m always encouraging my clients to prioritise. 

As small business owners we have multiple calls on our time.

It can be really hard to focus.

And having unwanted emails hitting our inbox is one distraction we can do without.

I’m sure that you, like me, get lots of emails from businesses that you connected with once, but are no longer interested in.

So this week, when an unwanted email newsletter hits your inbox, don’t just delete it.


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