Do you know the power of A/B testing?

I use Mailchimp to send out regular updates to my subscribers. And I use A/B testing to improve my ‘open’ rate.

This means I send a small percentage of my emails out using two different headings. And then 4 hours later, Mailchimp identifies which heading has received the most ‘opens’.

And it automatically sends the rest of the emails out using that heading.

It’s a way of ensuring that I have the best possible chance of attracting your attention.

Do you have a mailing list yet?

If so do you use Mailchimp? Or another email marketing service like Constant Contact, GetResponse, AWeber, Drip?

Have you tried A/B testing?

Yes? then does it work well for you?

No? Then why not try it next time you are doing a mail-shot.

I’d be curious to hear how you get on! Let me know.

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