“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”
~ Michael LeBoeuf

Testimonials & Success Stories

I needed some prompts, along with some pokes, to nudge me forward, as I was just rumbling along and not really improving things. Amanda’s style and way of coaching suited me perfectly: a comfortable place to discuss openly my own faults, without judgement, which made everything else work – if you don’t feel free to do that, then the rest of the time is wasted, like building a house without a foundation.


Owner, Celia Heley Design and Art Direction

“Amanda is a professional and savvy business coach. She is insightful, speaks openly & honestly and is very supportive. I was coached by Amanda over a period of 3 months and she was most helpful to me to find clarity in defining my next steps to grow my business.

She kept me on track to keep things simple and break them down so I could move past the overwhelm and focus on the important stuff.


Executive Coach, LeadSource Coaching

“Coaching really helped untangle my thinking and gave me a clearer understanding of where my business is currently and where I want to take it. Amanda helped me figure out what I need to do now to achieve that.

I found the sessions very insightful, productive and enjoyable. They were structured well, we made good progress at every session and I even enjoyed doing my homework!”


Interior Designer

Amanda is a truly excellent business coach – extraordinarily insightful, creative and rigorous in her approach. She helps you to focus on the things that matter to your business, allowing you to grow in a way which feels intuitive and safe. I love the way Amanda is both challenging and compassionate in her approach. She comes to each session so well prepared, bowling you over with fresh insights and guidance. I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to take their small business and finances to greater heights, whilst managing to live a balanced and fulfilled life.


Jounalist and Director , Pearl Works Productions

“Amanda’s coaching gave me the chance to sort through the multiple ideas I have in my brain and develop a logical order to them. I discovered that I usually already had a sense of what I wanted to do but it was hidden amongst the chaos, and needed to be pulled out and demystified. After working with Amanda I was able to find the way to bring these ideas to action.”


Director and Founder of Precious Stars

Setting up my new business was exciting and daunting in equal measure. It was a steep learning curve, having to look at a business holistically and as I knew Amanda specialised in working with small business owners I asked if she would coach me.

Amanda helped me think through my offering in detail, from vision, differentiators, clients and finances. She held me accountable for my actions, following up between sessions to help keep me on track! Amanda kindly recommended various contacts, from brand experts, web designers and copywriters to accountants, and was readily available to advise on client proposals, contracts, and any dilemmas, which proved very helpful. I have already recommended her to one friend who has set up a new enterprise and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an intelligent, practical and very supportive coach. Thank you Amanda!


HR Consultant, Thrive HR

“I have been working with Amanda for a couple of months and already she has provided clarity and focus to my business concerns. She has the ability to get you to find the solution, to work through the issues rather than dictating or telling you. This approach has been so refreshing, rewarding and enjoyable.

Amanda has a relaxed charm, a good listener but then insightful, getting to the heart of matters quickly. Every session has been rewarding, with purpose and at a pace which doesn’t feel pressured or rushed. From senior business positions, to a small business wanting to develop, Amanda is just the right professional to work with to resolve or help with issues business life throws up.”


Designer, Forbes Design Associates

“The coaching created accountability for my to do list, provided advice on areas of uncertainty and made me think about aspects I was overlooking. It’s made me believe in myself and my decisions. 

I was surprised at the value received from the coaching sessions and Amanda’s knowledge on such a wide range of business aspects. I now feel more disciplined that if I want change/growth, I have to spend the time, and I feel I am at a point (thanks to Amanda’s help) where I am ready and set up with my systems so I can move forward confidently.”


Business Support, On Thames Solutions

“Amanda helped me to identify the most important activities needed to reach my goals. As a small business owner, time and money is of great importance and needs to be spent wisely.

Working with Amanda and identifying my next steps will save me both.”


Coaching business owner

“Amanda’s approach to coaching is relaxed, open and supportive which puts you at ease when talking about subjects you are struggling to address.

Her insightful questioning helped me work through barriers to defining my company’s direction”


Director and Founder, Rohallion

“As the owner of a small consultancy, I wasn’t sure whether I would need – or could justify – using the services of a business coach. However, working with Amanda has been one of the best decisions I have made for the progression of HK Communications. From providing accountability to helping ‘unblock’ sticking points, Amanda’s support over the last few months has been invaluable in spurring me on to greater things.

Amanda’s services don’t lie in providing answers or solutions, but in guiding me towards what I feel is the best option. From tackling my business plan, to working on specific projects, Amanda has been a great support. I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to a small business who wants to dream big.”


Owner, PR Company

Amanda, I really enjoyed our coaching session and can’t thank you enough for giving me a lift – I’m loving ‘Ethel’ my avatar!


Operations Manager

“Amanda’s support and coaching has provided me with so much confidence and enabled me to refocus on my business. Having someone to sound out ideas, plans and help flesh out pain points and all at the same time, give a rationale alternative explanation has been incredible.

I couldn’t recommend her services more highly! Thank you, Amanda.”


Owner, Black & White Office Consultancy

“Amanda brings calm to my stormy days, and clarity to my hazy ones! She helps prolong the short 24 hours of every day. With her help, the swamp of running a new business almost single-handedly suddenly becomes navigable and conquerable.

Thank you, Amanda, for being such a wise guiding light!”


Owner, Doddlebags