Are you stalking your work?

If you’ve been with me for while, you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of follow up.

And I make no apologies for raising the subject again.

Because I know from experience that we small business owners often don’t do it!

The easiest way to get more business is to connect with those who have already shown interest in us.

They could be:

  • People who’ve joined a group we belong to
  • People we’ve come across at some one-off occasion
  • Former clients who’ve bought our product or service in the past

There are several different ways to ’stalk’ them without overtly selling your wares.

For example, you could:

  • Connect with a new contact on your preferred social media platform.
  • Email them and suggest meeting for a 1:1 over coffee
  • Drop them a line and ask them how they’re getting on
  • Invite them to an event that you think may interest them
  • Suggest a book, podcast, or video you think may interest them
  • Offer to introduce them to someone who you think they may like to know

Yes, it takes a little time to follow up, and if we’re busy, that time can easily slip away.

But it could be the most valuable thing you do for your business.

Surely that’s worth making time for!

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