sell a product

If you sell a service, it may sound strange to hear me tell you to sell a product.

But it’s you I’m talking to.

Last week I went to a very good talk by a marketing expert. 

She talked us through how to develop your marketing strategy.

And, at the end, she invited us to buy her workbook and mentioned her online course. 

This was a great example of how you can add a product to a service-based business.

Coincidentally I was chatting to another fellow business owner later in the week.

She said she had been to an excellent workshop, where the host had provided each of them with a book packed with hints and tips.

“It’s great” she said. “But they’re missing a trick.”

“They should be charging for it.”

So here’s my challenge to you:

If you don’t sell a product, you should!

What do you currently give away, or include as part of your regular service?

And how can you turn it into a product that you can sell separately? 

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