From time to time one of my clients will resist doing their homework!

When this happens, I get curious.

Because resistance can come from many different places.

Sometimes it’s a shift of priorities – a new client, ill-health, a family issue.

Often it denotes an underlying issue.

Recently, two separate clients failed to produce the article they had committed to write.

So I got curious!

Turns out, they had quite different issues.

Client 1 sounded like she was suffering from imposter syndrome:

“Who am I to hold myself out as an expert?”

Yet when I dug deeper, it turned out the planned article didn’t sit comfortably with her values.

After a few minutes we identified what she was happy to write about instead.

Client 2 was struggling to get clear on her message:

“What can I say that people will want to read?”

A few minutes spent revisiting the purpose of her article (profile-raising) and reframing her message to make it more relevant were all that was needed.

Do you ever find that you resist doing something you’ve committed to do?

If you’re struggling with it, get curious.

Understanding why it’s a struggle may just unlock the answer to what you need to do instead.

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