You are never too young to think about your pension.

The earlier you start, the better. It gives your money more time to grow, so that even a small monthly payment can turn into a meaningful lump sum by the time you retire.

My background is in pensions. I spent 30 years advising companies of all shapes and sizes on running pension schemes for their employees. So it’s not surprising that I think having a pension is really important.

Yet I know that many small business owners bury their heads in the sand over this. If you’re guilty of this, PLEASE think again.

You are never too old to think about your pension.

Even if you only have a few years to go before you want to retire, its worth getting some advice. There may still be things you can do to improve your post-retirement income.

The tax man will help!

Paying into a pension is hugely tax effective – as the tax man also contributes to your pension, making it grow that much faster.

So please don’t put it off.

Otherwise you risk either:

  • having to work for many years longer than you anticipated, and /or
  • not having enough to live on when you stop work

Talk to a financial adviser (most of them don’t charge you) and explore your options.


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