Even if, like me, you aren’t very interested in sport, I’m sure you’re aware of the Olympics and Paralympics taking place in Rio this summer. You will also probably know that Great Britain won more medals than ever before – and there have been massive celebrations to mark this achievement.

The message coming through loud and clear is that our athletes have performed brilliantly – beyond expectations.

We have also heard how much effort goes into each medal that is won. Whole teams of support staff work on every aspect of the athlete’s performance – looking at their clothes, their equipment, their diet, their training and their psychology. Many minutes and even hours of airtime have been spent discussing how the country’s investment in their athletes has paid off.

Just like those Olympic athletes, if you want your business to be successful, you need to put the effort in. And there are two main areas to address.

Get the right focus

Athletes focus on their goal and spend time visualising themselves achieving it – winning that race, jumping higher, throwing further. Self-belief is a huge contributor to success.

What’s YOUR goal? Imagine it’s 2020 and someone is talking about your business. What do you want to hear them say?

You’ve just described your vision.

Next you need to get clear on how you’ll achieve your vision.

Close your eyes and SEE yourself achieving it. Feels good doesn’t it?

What are you doing? Who is buying what you have to offer? How do they know about you?

That’s a simple step towards developing your strategy. Of course there’s more to do. What do you need to do to get really clear on how you will achieve your vision?

Finally there’s implementation. You need to plan the specific actions that will help you to implement your strategy – and then do them.

Get the right support

Remember the Olympic athletes? They train for hours, working on every aspect of their business, the business of winning. So make sure you work on every aspect of your business.

What are your strengths? What are you really good at? When we play to our strengths we give ourselves a head start – a better chance of success. You won’t find a body builder doing gymnastics because their best assets are strength and power, and you won’t see a gymnast entering the boxing ring because their assets are fantastic flexibility, suppleness and grace.

Top athletes also get the right people around them.

Who do you need to complement your own strengths?

This includes:

  • People who can impart practical and technical know how, and
  • People you can depend on for emotional business support

Most of us at quite good at getting the practical help, but who do you go to for emotional business support? I don’t mean a shoulder to cry on when times get tough (though you may need that at times), I mean someone to help you:

  • imagine possibilities…
  • dream with…
  • debate with…
  • offer challenge…
  • brainstorm options…
  • show vulnerability to…
  • share fears…
  • and so on – the list is endless!

We all need support

It’s what makes us human. As our Olympic athletes have shown us, it’s not a sign of weakness to get support. Quite the opposite.

If you’d like your business to be the best it can be, talk to me. I can’t promise you a gold medal but we can certainly take your business to new heights!