I’m talking about my favourite topic again! It’s about finding your niche. It’s the importance of tailoring your offering to your ideal client, rather than trying to help everyone.


I know that when you are really clear on exactly who you can best help, and how, you are more effective, and you get more business.


However, you can take this too far.

Last week I was talking to a business owner who had really taken niching to its limits. She had a niche, within a niche, within a niche.

I can’t describe her situation without breaching confidentiality, but here are a couple of examples to show what I mean.

Imagine a hairdresser who only does women’s hair, and only cuts hair, and only cuts straight hair. No men or children, no colouring or perming, no curly hair.


Imagine a cook who only bakes meringues, and only delivers within a one mile radius. No bread, cakes, biscuits or pastries, no postage or courier service, no retail outlet.


They both clearly have a niche – but their target markets would be tiny. Yes they might attract customers – but there wouldn’t many of them.

So please, identify your niche, but then do a reality check.

Make sure there are enough people in your niche.

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