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Your Business Cube - a business book with a difference

My new book, Your Business Cube is now available on Amazon!

It’s a business book with a difference! Part guide, part exercise book, part toolkit, it’s packed with useful information and a wealth of exercises to help you work out exactly what you need to know AND do to make your business successful

Your Business Cube is immensely practical. It doesn’t stuff your head with theory. Instead, it offers tools to help develop the right business – one that fits you perfectly.

The content in the book forms a 3 x 3 x 3 cube: three questions, each with three topics, each with three exercises – giving you 27 exercises in total that will help you shape your business.

Complete all the exercises to assemble Your Business Cube and you will have everything you need to set up and run your business effectively.”

I am available to write articles and blogs,
and for interviews and speaking engagements.  

Key topics include:

  • The three key steps to business success
  • How to stop spinning plates, and focus on what matters
  • Getting clear on your strategy and priorities
  • Playing to your strengths, and getting others to do the rest
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Addressing the risks in your business
  • Pricing your services appropriately
  • Identifying your ideal clients, and finding them
  • Using networking effectively

 “Thank you so much for speaking at the event on Friday. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and made some great connections.”
Organiser of International Women’s Day event run by NatWest and Islington Chamber of Commerce

“A good balance of thought-provoking information and discussion with self-analysis. Amanda’s style was very authentic.”
Attendee at a talk for an investment bank

“I really enjoyed reading Your Business Cube. The structure, objectives and clarity are excellent and there is a professional, warm and friendly tone, which gives a true sense of the author behind the words.

I think this will be a great business aid:
– for start-ups, where addressing the questions on values and ‘who you are’ are vital
– for more experienced businesses, where the latter sections of the book will be particularly useful.”

Forbes Low
CEO, Kingston Chamber of Commerce

“I’ve read a few books since starting my business and this is definitely my favourite. It’s helped me more with my business than any others. Everything is really clear.”

Rachael Dalton
Virtual PA


 “I just wanted to say thank you so much for last Thursday. You did a fantastic job on the panel, and we have had such positive feedback. I really appreciate your contribution, and I hope that you enjoyed it too.”
Organiser of a corporate event

“I thought your talk this morning was one of the most helpful talks I’ve heard. It was packed with wisdom, a lot of which could be easily missed, and there was so much to take from it. And you could feel your connection to it. Wonderful story in the best sense of the word.” Brooke Hender.  Attendee at talk for business owners.


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My first book was published in 2016.

‘What’s Your Excuse for Not Loving Your Job? is also available from Amazon