Do you need a Linked In profile?

Yes you do! And it needs to look good.

If Linked In isn’t your social media platform of choice, then you don’t need to be a whizz on it.

However, it’s rather like an online business directory.

When someone hears about you, these days they will almost always check you out online. 

If they have your website, they’ll look at that. But they may well also look you up on Linked In.

So that’s why you need a decent profile there –  it means that when people check you out online they can see that you are a credible professional.

Last week I ran one of my Linked In workshops, and before we started, I got all the participants to check their SSI score.

Your SSI score stands for Social Selling Index. It measures how effective you are on Linked In.

It also shows how you compare to your peers. It’s a good way to benchmark yourself – and then to check back if you decide to work on your profile, to see how you’ve done.

At my workshop the participant scores ranged from 27 to 61.

You can see a screenshot of my score above. It’s currently above 75 because I’ve been quite active there recently. A month ago it was at 57.

I think 50 is a good score to aim for if you simply want to be visible and credible on Linked In. If it’s your social media platform of choice, you should aim for 75.

Check your SSI score now!

Make sure you are logged in to Linked In on your device and then click here.

And if you’d like to join one of my Linked In workshops, then check out my Workshops page.

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