Did you know that you can be intelligent in three different ways?

You can use your head – this makes you more clear, logical and forward thinking
You can use your heart – this leads you to be more empathetic, and in tune with your emotions and feelings, or
You can use your gut – this means trusting your instinct

Most of us naturally use one kind of intelligence more than the others.

For me, my default intelligence is head, but training as a coach has helped me to be more in touch with heart and gut.

I don’t always remember to listen to them, but I’m working on it!

Last year I took on a new client against my better judgement.

I knew instinctively that they were going to be difficult to work with – and they were!

I should have trusted my gut!

I should have turned them away – and perhaps suggested another coach who might suit them better.

On the other hand, more recently I was approached by someone suggesting a collaboration.

Whilst I’m always delighted to consider collaborations, I knew instinctively that this one wasn’t right for me.

This time I listened to my gut – and turned it down.

Which kind of intelligence do you use most?

And can you make more use of the other two?

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