ideal client


I’m a huge advocate of identifying your Ideal client.

Your ideal client is:

a) the person who you most want to help , and

b) someone who is likely to need or want what you have to offer.

I’ve talked before about how to identify them. I also run workshops on the topic. So for now, I’m going to assume you know who they are.

(We’ll come back to this another time).

Once you know who your ideal client is, there’s one very important thing you should do.

Take a look at your website through your ideal client’s eyes.

And ask yourself this:

  • What do they need to see and hear?
  • What images will resonate with them?
  • What words will they relate to?
  • What tone and style will appeal?

Does your website meet their needs?

If not, maybe it’s time for a website refresh.

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