hidden strengths

I recently coached a woman who was changing direction. She had been running it for a couple of years, but had decided that she wanted to do things slightly differently.

To help my client identify where she should focus, I asked her about her strengths.

She said she hadn’t got any!

Her definition of a strength was something she did better than anyone else – and she couldn’t think of anything.

So to help her uncover her hidden strengths, I asked her:

‘Where are you stronger?”

This simple shift made it easier for her to start uncovering her strengths.

Then I asked her to describe what she did in her previous career.

She lit up as she described all the things she had done in her previous role.

And while she talked, I captured a whole list of hidden strengths and skills that she had obviously displayed in that role.

They ranged from collating information to building rapport.

I also identified tasks she had done that didn’t light her up.

And we identified why these didn’t align with her values and purpose.

If you’re not sure of your strengths, why not look back at what you did before you started your business?

Identify what you enjoyed and did well.

And what you didn’t enjoy or struggled with.

Then make sure your business gives you scope to focus on the first list!

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