Last week I had good news! I heard that I was a finalist in the Best Financial & Professional Services Business section of the Kingston Business Excellence Awards. I’m delighted – of course – and more importantly, it proves that goal-setting works. Here’s why.

Last December, I set my 2019 goal. It was:

“To achieve enough local success that I can enter a local business award with a meaningful chance of winning.”

Now of course I haven’t won the award yet (and there’s stiff competition).

But to me, being named as a finalist means I’ve achieved my goal. It means I do have a ‘meaningful chance of winning’.

So why did setting the goal help?

The act of defining my goal, and identifying what I wanted to achieve, helped me understand that:

  • I wanted to focus on the local area around where I live, and
  • I wanted to get known in the area and recognised as a good business coach

Then having set the goal, I identified what I should do to achieve it.

My strategy became:

  • to get out and about in the local business community and make as many connections as possible

This in turn spurred me to take action that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have taken.

  • I went networking and visited new groups as well as those I already knew
  • I gave talks
  • I ran workshops
  • I continued to spread the word about my newsletter and invited people to join it

Without that focused action, I doubt whether I’d have had enough evidence to warrant entering the award.

Have you set yourself a goal?

And if so, what’s your strategy? Are you doing what you need to do to achieve that goal?

If not, get in touch!

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