Ying to your yang


I’ve recently worked with a few people who have been struggling. They all have something in common:


They need more business support.


It’s rarely the whole business – thankfully! Typically it is just one aspect that needs support.

Often it’s marketing in general, and social media in particular.

Sometimes it’s finance in general, and doing the accounts in particular.

Or admin in general, and diary management in particular.

Whatever the struggle, a common theme often emerges.


My client feels guilty.


They say something like:

I know I SHOULD do this myself – but I hate it.

Occasionally there’s an underlying issue we need to get to grips with, rather than a need for business support as such.

Maybe the foundations of the business are rocky, or they’re starting to question why they do what they do.

If so, then that’s where we focus the attention of our coaching together.

However, more often than not, it’s not that serious.

Typically, they’re struggling simply because the aspect they’re struggling with is not a skill, a strength or an interest for them.

In which case my suggestion is always the same.

Who else could help you with this?


Who is the Ying to your Yang?


Who is the person who LOVES doing this kind of thing?

Find them, and find a way to work with them.

Use their skills, strengths and interest to help you grow your business.

Chances are, they will be able to tackle task efficiently and effectively, saving you time and a lot of heartache!


Getting business support is NOT a luxury.


It will nearly always be money well spent.

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