When you’re thinking about your business positioning it can be useful to think about how it compares to others. Of course it’s helpful to compare yourself to the competition, but here’s another useful tool.

Ask yourself:

If my business was a clothes shop, which would it be?

Would it be Armani – classy, elite and expensive
Would it be Hollister – cool, young and fun
Would it be Primark – low cost, accessible, fast-changing

Or if it was an animal, which would it be?

Would it be a cheetah – sleek and fast-moving?
Would it be a dog – friendly, loyal?
Would it be a tortoise – slow, steady and self-contained?

Or how about a car, flower, song…I could go on!

Using metaphors to describe your business can be a really powerful way of tapping in to how you view your business, how you want it to be perceived by others and how to tackle your business positioning.

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