Have you won any prizes?

At most schools there are prizes for effort, achievement or being a delightful pupil (don’t think I ever got one of those – too assertive!) And many sports or hobbies come with their own set of exams, tests, or badges for effort and achievement too.

Prizes make us feel good, but they also tell other people that you are good at what you do.

Have you won any prizes for your business?


There are lots of Awards events for small businesses -and they give you an opportunity to tell people how amazing you are.

If you find blowing your own trumpet hard, then you could ask a happy customer or client for help. Ask what they would say about you if they were telling a friend what you do and how you helped them.

Tracking down suitable events can take a bit of time and persistence.

Checking out your local Chamber of Commerce is one option, and searching online for ‘business awards in …..[your town or county]’ is another. Also try searching for awards in your industry or sector.

Here are some others I’ve found that you may like to consider. These are annual awards events and many (but not all) are held in the autumn. It’s well worth doing some research and planning ahead to make sure you satisfy the criteria and submit your entry in good time.

Check out the relevant ones, and see whether your business is a good fit. You may need to think carefully which category to enter. Sometimes it’s obvious, but at others less so. With some events, you may be able to enter more than one category,so don’t be shy!

FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards

British Small Business Awards

Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

SME National Business Awards

Amazon Growing Business Awards

Family Business of the Year Awards

Best Business Women Awards

If you know of others, or you have previously entered for an award (whether or not successfully!) do let me know and share your experience.