adversity quotient


Most of us know about IQ – our intelligence quotient.

And most of us have at least some sense of how we would measure up.

Increasingly, people have learned about EQ – our emotional quotient.

This is a measure of how we understand and manage our own emotions.

If you’d like to know more about this, I strongly recommend checking out Daniel Goleman, a leading authority on the subject.

Do you know your AQ?

This is your adversity quotient.

It’s a measure of how resilient you are.

Resilience doesn’t come from avoiding adversity.

It comes from building your capacity to be in challenging situations, working through them and seeing the opportunity that each presents.

It comes from recognising and facing your fears, and using that as an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

It comes from accepting your vulnerability, adopting a mindset of positivity and possibility, and where appropriate, getting support.

When you do all this, you strengthen and build your adversity quotient.

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