“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.
If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”
~ Jim Rohn

1:1 coaching

Do you feel:

  • overwhelmed by your business “to do” list?
  • exhausted from working non-stop, but not making any progress?
  • sad that the fun bits of your business seem to have evaporated?
  • anxious about the future of your business?
  • stuck and alone, with no idea where to turn for business support?

Or are you:

  • Pleased with your progress so far, but unsure how to step up a gear?
  • Ready to make some big changes, and needing some business support?

However you feel, I’m here to help you run your business so it’s simpler, more efficient, and more fun for you.

I’ll listen to your story, and understand how (and why) you established your business.

I’ll learn what you used to love about your business, how it’s grown and how you feel about that growth.

I’ll help you be clear about exactly what you want to achieve next.

Then, together, we’ll develop a strategy for how you can reach your goals.

During our time together, you’ll learn tools, techniques and strategies successfully used by large corporates; yet relevant and beneficial for you. We’ll identify your next steps and prioritise your actions, and I’ll hold you accountable to make sure you stick to your plan.  There’ll be no jargon and no waffle: just good business thinking based on my years of experience.

How I can help you

Let’s work together to get your business on the path to more success.  Together, we’ll go through the following steps:

1. About you

  • Discover your key business and personal challenges
  • Discuss what you want to get from coaching – your goals and desired outcomes
  • Reflect on what’s important to you, and how this influences your behaviour

2. Your vision and strategy 

  • Work out your vision for your business (what do you want to achieve?)
  • Plan your strategy for success (how do you intend to achieve it?)

3. Planning and priorities

  • Create a plan (what actions are needed to achieve your strategy?)
  • Recognise your strengths (what you are good at, and what do you enjoy doing?)
  • Identify your roadblocks (what’s getting in the way of you focusing on your strengths and the things you enjoy?)

Most of my clients initially sign up to three months of coaching.  This can be fortnightly or monthly, depending on the issues you want to address, your timescale and your budget.

At the end of three months we’ll review your progress and agree what additional help, if any, you would like.

Many clients continue with regular coaching for a further period, and then move to a flexible arrangement where they use me more as a sounding board and mentor than a formal coach.

Get in touch to arrange a chat!

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